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VMware set to Acquire Part of Blue Medora

Late yesterday afternoon VMware released a blog post announcing its intent to acquire the True Visibility Suite product from Blue Medora.

In the blog post, it was announced that they will be acquiring specifically the True Visibility Suite, as well as the Blue Medora team that supports the TVS products.

This acquisition comes as no surprise to me and I think its actually quite beneficial for both organizations for a few different reasons and here they are.

The various management packs that make up the True Visibility Suite are meant to work specifically with VMware vRealize Operations (vROps).

They are already used by many VMware enterprise customers who are challenged to pull in metrics from the various parts of their stacks (oracle, SQL, NetApp, MongoDB, Lenovo Compute, etc) and be able to correlate with their virtual server environment.

A subset of these management packs also lets you pull in objects and alerts from “legacy” monitoring tools still in existance such as SCOM, Nagios and Solarwinds.

These management packs have become an essential extension for anyone serious about leveraging vROps as their primary monitoring tool. So it is a natural fit for VMware to integrate this into its main product along with WaveFront (acquired 2017).

On the flip side, I think this will also be a very good play for Blue Medora. They will get a cash injection during tough economic times (amount unknown) and will be able to now double down on their BindPlane product which has a large focus on Google Cloud Platform and Cloud.

If you are not familiar, BindPlane is Blue Medora’s new data management platform that can deliver a relationship aware stream of metrics and logs in real-time.

I’m not sure BindPlane would be a great fit for VMware, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if we saw the remainder of Blue Medora get acquired by Google or a large cloud implementation company down the road.

Overall, I can’t imagine that this will end up being a massive acquisition from a financial perspective but it was definitely a long time coming and anyone that uses vROps / BM on a day to day basis will be interested to see how this will play out over time.

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