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Prometheus Co-founder Launches New Company

Great news for the Prometheus community yesterday. Julius Volz, one of the cofounders of Prometheus Monitoring announced on his personal Twitter account that he would be transitioning from a freelance consulting role to launching a new company called PromLabs

PromLabs will continue to offer Prometheus consulting services but also “explore products with a focus on making Prometheus easier to use.” according to Volz. 

In addition to announcing the launch of the company itself Volz also announced the preview of PromLabs first product, PromLens.

PromLens is a query builder, visualizer, and explainer for PromQL, the query language used within Prometheus.

“PromLens has a form-based query editor, visualizes query structures and available data, and can graph and explain query results” according to Volz.

Learning and applying a new monitoring tool query language like PromQL always takes time and can be even more difficult to learn in real-time, high-pressure situations.

I can see PromLens being really helpful for those that are new to PromQL or someone that has been working with PromQL for a while but need to put together an ad-hoc query quickly on the fly without making mistakes.

Exciting stuff, we will be following PromLabs closely. If you want to give PromLens a try go to

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