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Disney+ is Hiring An AWS / Icinga Jedi Master!

In this video, I want to go over an interesting monitoring related job posting at Disney Streaming Services aka Disney Plus which I think is pretty cool.

The title of the position is “System Ops Engineer” but if you read the details of the role you will see that they are looking for someone with a specialty in monitoring, alerting and automation.

So essentially you have a monitoring engineer role hidden in a generic title.

Link to Disney Job Posting

So as far as qualifications go. They are looking for someone who has a strong background with AWS so I think it’s safe to assume that Disney’s streaming platform is running on AWS infrastructure.

The most interesting qualification in the list is the ability to install and configure Icinga2, including the Icinga web interface and director. In my mind, this qualification is what makes this position more of a monitoring engineer role than anything else.

They go on to say you should have experience with Kubernetes, container technologies and scripting languages which is pretty typical of any ops role nowadays.

It says that they require a bachelor’s degree but from my experience, most tech companies will waive this requirement for the right combination of school and experience so I wouldn’t worry too much about that if you went to a technical school as I did.

Overall, I think it would be really interesting to be working at Disney+ right now with how popular the service and the platform they are supporting.

If you think this would be a good fit for you I put the link to the job posting in the description below. If you get the job do me a favor and introduce me to baby Yoda.

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