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Solarwinds Beefing Up SQL Monitoring through Acquisition

Solarwinds announced in a press release last Friday that they would be acquiring SentryOne, a company that specializes in both Azure Cloud and on-premise SQL database performance Monitoring. From my perspective, this play makes a lot of sense for both organizations. Solarwinds can integrate SentryOne’s monitoring technology into their suite of products, specifically improving upon […]

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3 Interesting Monitoring Jobs in Canada

Lately, there seem to be more and more job postings in Canada that specifically refer to monitoring and observability without just being a bullet point in a “DevOps Engineer” posting. It gives me hope that I can continue to live in Canada while specializing in monitoring and working at the highest possible level from both […]

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Dynatrace Adds HTTP Monitoring to Davis AI

Dynatrace announced via a blog post today that they have made improvements to their HTTP error monitoring AI capabilities. Essentially; As of Dynatrace version, 1.200 CDN related HTTP error monitoring is now part of the David AI engine by default so you will be able to monitor it out of the box. The Dynatrace AI […]