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5 Interesting Monitoring Jobs Available Right Now!

Fun Fact! Scanning various job sites for interesting monitoring jobs is a pastime time of mine.

Yeah, I know its a little strange but I find it interesting to see what jobs are currently available in the monitoring niche. So even though I am happily employed, every few weeks I find myself searching various job sites for specific keywords… maybe hoping to find that dream monitoring position.

For example; Monitoring Architect at, 150k salary, and FT Remote? …Yes, I would accept the offer!

Anyway, here are 5 interesting monitoring jobs that actually do exist and are currently available for you to apply on right now. Maybe one of these will happen to be your dream monitoring job!

  1. IT Systems Engineer (Elastic Stack) – SpaceX
  2. Application Systems Engineer (Observability) – Wells Fargo
  3. Enterprise Monitoring Engineer – HealthEdge
  4. Splunk Engineer – Citrix (Remote)
  5. Senior Cloud Engineer (Observability) – Fidelity Investments

We just started a simple job board as well where every week I will list new and interesting monitoring jobs that I come across. So please check it out, we appreciate it!

PS. If I do come across that job I cannot guarantee that I will post it on the job board! 🙂


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