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3 Interesting Monitoring Jobs in Canada

Lately, there seem to be more and more job postings in Canada that specifically refer to monitoring and observability without just being a bullet point in a “DevOps Engineer” posting.

It gives me hope that I can continue to live in Canada while specializing in monitoring and working at the highest possible level from both a challenge and an income perspective.

Anyway, here are 3 new ones that I came across as of Oct 26, 2020. Click here to view our full job board.

  1. Front-End Engineer – AWS Observability

Our team is looking for a front-end engineer to, build, and maintain customer experiences that span multiple observability and interactive visualization use cases. You will help define, prototype, and build these experiences that empower developers, Ops, and business decision-makers to gain insights from applications in and beyond.

2. Monitoring Engineer – Cyber Chasse

Strengthen Security Operations Center (SOC) by breaking down the system and host-based security logs, performing Application security sweeps and evaluations.

3. Site Reliability Engineer – Thales

Looking for a highly motivated and talented Site Reliability Engineer to participate in the development of the most advanced solutions in the Big Data space by using agile methodologies. The Engineer will actively participate and collaborate with development teams and customers to design, implement, install, and maintains the infrastructure hosting our innovative solutions.

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